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Regent Education is the leading provider of SaaS solutions to automate financial aid verification, packaging, and disbursement for not only traditional academic years, but also borrower-based academic year (BBAY) and competency-based education (CBE) using standard and nonstandard terms as well as non-term enrollment models. We also are the only provider to seamlessly support multiple enrollment models concurrently, including transfers from one model to another. We were architected from the ground up to simplify the most complex financial aid scenarios. It’s why 25% percent of the top 20 online programs in the US partner with Regent Education to automate their financial aid process


Our comprehensive and cloud-based solutions offer institutions an unprecedented ability to increase efficiency, mitigate compliance risks, expand enrollment, improve the student experience, and enhance financial aid lifecycle visibility.

  • Regent Award automates packaging, repackaging, and student disbursements with simplified workflows across all your enrollment models; Regent Award integrates with institutional, federal, and select state systems; automation extends to disbursement validation, SAP/R2T4, personalized document collection, and student communications.
  • Regent Review streamlines the verification process using a Smartform questionnaire that asks questions specific to the student and provides a complete audit trail of the verification process including document collection, receipt acknowledgment, progress updates, and e-signatures.
  • Regent Plan helps students borrow responsibly and minimize debt with informed, dynamic financial aid planning aids, smart borrowing tools, and improved counseling and contact support.
  • Regent Access accelerates student aid delivery to undocumented students by providing an online experience that mirrors the FAFSA.

How much automation is possible? Based on a recent Regent Education Client Benchmark Study:

  • Pre-Packaging – Up to 85%
  • Packaging – Up to 98%
  • Re-Packaging – Up to 90%
  • Post Packaging – Up to 95%
  • Returns – Up to 90%

These percentages hold true for all enrollment models. Sound to good to be true? Have a look at the typical activities associated with top enrollment models.

As a result of such extensive automation, our clients have seen results including:

  • Processing time reduction from 17 days to six days
  • 20% reduction in central financial aid office workload
  • Disbursed 7,000+ awards for CBE and SAY enrollments in the same week
  • $28M in disbursements and 4,000 enrollments in a new CBE program in less than 4 years
  • 50% per-student cost decrease over 18 months
  • Enhanced compliance capability for Title IV programs

Regent’s financial aid management system processes aid for more than one million students every year and awards more than $1.4B in financial aid annually, so we can support your current program needs and quickly scale to meet any future growth goals.


We’ve been focused exclusively on financial aid and building dedicated financial aid management software for more than ten years, guided by our financial aid experts who collectively have more than 230 years of financial aid experience. As a result, Regent’s solutions are uniquely tailored to the needs of financial aid professionals, particularly those at institutions using nonstandard term and/or non-term enrollment models in a BBAY structure and for CBE.


Regent is guided by a collective of forward-thinking education-technology investment firms – including Chrysalis Ventures, New Market Ventures, and Clark Enterprises Foundation/CNF – that draw upon their past experiences and core values to anticipate future opportunities to further improve financial aid management.

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