The Premier Financial Aid Software for Staff and Students

Our cloud-based financial aid software automates, streamlines, and simplifies the complex, ever-changing, and highly regulated world of financial aid. 

By automating processes as much as 95%, Regent Award helps institutions increase efficiency, mitigate compliance risks, expand enrollment, and improve the student financial aid experience. Native Salesforce integration equips enrollment and retention with financial aid indicators.

On top of that, Regent Review automates the collection of verification documents, C-code processing, and workflows. We also offer Regent Verify that adds a real-time view of the student’s financial aid portal interface and native Salesforce integration.

But we didn't stop there. Regent Plan empowers higher education institutions to help students borrow responsibly and minimize debt. It does so by providing students with informed, dynamic financial aid planning aids, smart borrowing tools, and improved counseling and contact support throughout the financial aid process.

Plus, we offer Regent Fund, an intelligent, automated, two-way integrated scholarship management solution that ensures higher education institutions award every available dollar,

Regent Award

Financial Aid Software That Automates up to 95% of Staff and Student Processes

Regent Award is changing the way institutions approach the administration of financial aid by automating packaging, repackaging, and student disbursements.

Supports All Enrollment Models

Regent Award automates both traditional academic years and borrower-based academic years (BBAYs) using standard and nonstandard terms. Regent also automates financial aid for self-paced programming such as competency-based education (CBE) using subscription periods or nonterm models. How much automation is possible? Have a look at the top enrollment models.


Extensive Integration

Regent Award integrates with institutional, federal, and select state systems. Also, with Regent Award for Salesforce, you can enable enrollment and student-success teams to access financial aid insights - such as whether a student has requested financial aid for the upcoming year - in the context of student records.


Simplified Workflow

Task assignments, activity tracking, student communications, academic plan views, student portal, and much more.

Regent Review

Automated Verification for Students & Institutions

Regent Review fully automates the collection of verification documents, C-code processing, task assignments and workflows with real-time features such as immediate acknowledgment of receipt of documents and updates on the progression of verification.

Improve Compliance

Regent Review improves Title IV regulatory compliance and reduces verification processing time.


Reduce Processing Costs

Regent Review increases the efficiency of the typically labor intensive verification process.

Regent Plan

Help Students Borrow Responsibly and Minimize Debt

Regent Plan provides students with the tools and support to help students borrow responsibly and minimize debt.

Informed, Dynamic Financial Aid Planning

Calculates total aid eligibility and costs, forecasts alternatives, provids an estimated repayment plan, and more for optimal decision making.


Smart Borrowing

Provides visibility into alternate packaging options and overall debt management to help students borrow only the amount of financial aid they need.

Advisor Assist

Improved Counselling and Contact Support

Allows counselors or call center advisors to view the student’s financial aid portal interface for  interactive guidance and question resolution.​

Regent Fund

Scholarship Management Solution That Ensures You Award Every Available Dollar

For administrators looking to optimize scholarship management, our Regent Fund scholarship management software fully automates and streamlines the scholarship management process from application to awarding to reporting. Regent Fund accelerates optimal awarding and minimizes staff workload by leveraging extensive two-way data integration, automated workflows, and built-in logic.

Improve Your View of the Appliant Pool

Intelligently harness diverse data sets to identify qualifying students bases on elibiligy cirteria.


Efficiently award scholarships

Powerful sorting and weighting capabilities help you prioritize recipients for limited funds.


Reattribute Unused Scholarship Dollars

Automated, two-way integration synchronizes Regent fund data with award amount updates made in your FAM, SIS, AR, or other system.

Cloud-Based Financial Aid Software Means

Automatic Updates and Faster Enhancements

Financial aid management is an ever-changing beast. Look at verification processes alone. With Regent, you don't have to wory if you've incorporated the latest regulations. We've already done it for you. Further, our ongoing enhancements are deployed at market speed.

Advisor Assist

Automatic Updates

Including system enhancement and state and federal regulations.


Reduced Reliance on IT

Minimize reliance on the IT staff, and eliminate hardware and maintenance costs.


Faster Enhancements

Enhancements - guided by experts who collectively have more than 230 years of financial aid experience - are deployed at market speed.

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