Intelligent, Automated, Two-way Integrated Scholarship Management Software Ensures You Award Every Available Dollar

Financial Aid leaders and Scholarship Managers are tasked with the high-stakes and highly visible responsibility of optimizing scholarship dollars. They're under pressure from donors and enrollment teams alike to accelerate ‘every dollar out’ to increase enrollment, ensure student success, and maintain donor relationships. They're also challenged by complex eligibility rules, decentralized student data, manual processes, multiple stakeholders, and under-resourced staff.

For administrators looking to optimize scholarship management, our Regent Fund scholarship management software fully automates and streamlines the scholarship management process from application to awarding to reporting. Regent Fund accelerates optimal awarding and minimizes staff workload by leveraging extensive two-way data integration, automated workflows, and built-in logic.

Expand student access to all available scholarship funds

Regent Fund’s unified smart form is configured to streamline the application process across all your scholarship programs. Proactive communications ensure students stay on track to complete the process.

Intelligently harness diverse data sets to identify qualifying students based on complex eligibility criteria

Regent Fund integrates multiple, disparate data sets from student scholarship applications, ISIRs, your SIS, and other institutional data to give you a more complete picture of the applicant pool.

Use powerful sorting and weighting capabilities to prioritize recipients for limited funds

Regent Fund’s highly configurable and intelligent matching, ranking, prioritization, and selection capabilities enable you to award scholarships in an automated, configurable, and intelligent way.

Leverage automated, two-way integration to quickly reattribute unused scholarship dollars to additional eligible students

Regent Fund’s automated, two-way integration capabilities synchronize Regent fund data with award amount updates made in your FAM, SIS, AR, or other system – you can quickly reattribute unused, cancelled, or unaccepted scholarship dollars to new recipients.

Increase visibility to donors and stakeholders into how scholarship funds are being spent and their impact

Regent Fund’s queries, dashboards, and reports increase your visibility into the full scholarship management lifecycle; help you understand where you are with your awarding; and enable you to share results and insights with donors and stakeholders.

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