As a Financial Aid Professional, Your Students Come First

Service to students as they pursue higher education is likely why to committed yourself to this challenging profession. You wish you had more time to spend with student who need your help to fully understand and benefit from the financial aid process, but there is too much paper pushing competing for your time and attention with those students in need of your expertise. Regent Education’s solutions help ensure that your office frees up staff to work with students on smart borrowing, special circumstances, and “high touch” issues; while staying compliant and efficient in processing awards.

Regent Education Solutions help with:

Non-traditional Enrollment Models

In an effort to better serve your diverse student population, your institution has developed new and innovative non-term academic delivery models that challenge your routine financial aid practices. We offer a highly configurable and flexible financial aid management platform that can support all learning models including standard and nonstandard terms, SAY and BBAY, non-term, CBE, and more.

Reducing Manual Processes

Any student action other than normal full-time course completions requires manual intervention by a financial aid staff member. Reentries, program changes, and any other manual interventions can be time consuming and introduce compliance risks. Our solutions automatically process certain changes, and provides processing wizards to support staff through easy and consistent treatment of other exceptions.

Regulatory Updates

Our experienced compliance team tracks regulatory changes and issues to ensure our compliance with federal requirements. Regulatory updates are seamlessly incorporated into our cloud-based platform, minimizing your office’s risk of non-compliance.

Processing Speed

Both students and upper management apply constant pressure for speedy delivery of financial aid funds. You are stretched between accommodating their needs and ensuring that the right funds go to the right student at the right time. Regent solutions automate verification, packaging, and disbursement of financial aid, provide useful reports, and automatically schedule staff tasks to resolve issues. Our solutions allow you to fully automate the tracking of standard documents in electronic format as they are reviewed and approved by appropriate financial aid professionals. Students can complete and e-sign documents, or upload them through the student portal.

Centralization, Cost and Control

If, due to outsourcing or multiple processing centers, you lack visibility or controls over financial aid at your institution, we provide structure and automation to ensure compliance, consistency and efficiency.