Regent Releases Mohave Community College Case Study

The Need

Mohave Community College (MCC) identified three key opportunities related to its Title IV verification process and set out to find a solution that would reduce the administrative costs, improve service and provide additional compliance controls. With more than 5,000 students and 4 locations, it was imperative that MCC find a robust solution that was highly automated and could be deployed in a short period of time. After analyzing a number of different products and issuing a Request for Proposal, MCC selected Regent Education’s Regent Review product.
MCC sought to create a verification process that took automation to a level not previously seen in higher education, with the goal of eliminating all paper from the process. MCC also had very specific goals around the student experience and wanted to prevent students from answering unnecessary and confusing questions that result from using the standard Federal Worksheet. Reducing the administrative costs for the institution and the implementation of additional compliance controls were also critical to the selection of a product.

Shannon Sheaff, Director of Financial Aid for MCC, has spent her career focusing on improving processes for students and institutions. When she came to MCC in the fall of 2012, she had two key priorities: 1) reduce the default rate and 2) create a completely automated verification process. By September of 2014, her institution-wide team had successfully reduced the default rate by more than 7% and implemented a completely-automated verification solution. “It was clear to me that these two goals were critical to the success of this institution and the students we serve,” said Sheaff. “We need our students to focus on obtaining their degree, not filling out paper forms to receive their financial aid. We know that financial concerns have a direct correlation to student success and their ability to complete their degree. The implementation of Regent Review eliminated what was once a burdensome process. We are helping our students be focused on the right things, and helping them have a more successful student experience.”

Verification is typically one of the most costly tasks performed in the administration of Title IV financial aid, and is one of the leading causes of compliance findings. MCC’s analysis of administrative costs pointed to verification as an area of opportunity. Like most institutions, the costs associated with the verification process were the result of paper documents received from students, limited online tools to assist the staff when performing verification, and the need to access multiple systems to respond to student inquiries.

Additionally, the multi-campus structure coupled with a shared services model made finding a solution that would provide access to a variety of user types critical in supporting its service model. As MCC researched other products, it quickly realized that other solutions would not provide it with the varied access levels it needed based on its service model. According to Sheaff, “Regent Review gives us all of the flexibility we need, and the intuitive user interface makes training simple and efficient.”

The Solution

Regent Review is the industry’s only fully-automated verification solution, eliminating the need for paper worksheets. Students who are selected for verification receive an automated e-mail with a link to a smart form that presents them with only those questions that are specific to their situation. Forms are pre-populated with information, reducing data entry as well as conflicting information errors. Key features of Regent Review also include:

  • Complete audit trail that includes all submitted documents, student communications, and processing history
  • Leveraging the proven and highly-advanced ISIR processing features of Regent Award
  • Department of Education-approved electronic signature capabilities
  • Single sign-on options to prevent fraud

Read The Case Study

Download the complete case study here to read about the results.