Automating the State Financial Aid Application for Undocumented Students

While US and eligible non-citizens typically apply for state aid using the online FAFSA, undocumented students typically have to download, print, complete, and submit paper-based applications. This manual process creates a barrier to enrollment, results in an inefficient use of staff, and delivers sub-optimal responsiveness to applicants. Regent Access automates and simplifies this process, making it easier for undocumented students to apply for state aid, minimize the time and resources required to process applications, and improve the student experience – enabling these students to be one step closer to attaining a higher education degree.


Online State Financial Aid Application for Undocumented Students

Regent Access converts the cumbersome, paper-based state financial aid application for undocumented students into a user-friendly, responsive online experience that mirrors the FAFSA, with an intuitive interview format, personalized skip logic, integrated help, and Spanish translations.

Simplified and Streamlined

Electronic Applications and E-Signatures Simplify the Processes

Students can submit documents electronically from the comfort of their home, and parents can take advantage of full e-signature capabilities.


Data Validation and Automatic Expected Family Contribution Calculation

Regent Access performs data validation to ensure fully-completed applications and automatically calculates Expected Family Contribution in accordance with federal methodology, with annual updates that ensure continued compliance.

Application data is managed through an ISIR-formatted data file, so you can  easily export it into your financial aid system like you would a FAFSA.


Material Student Aid Increases

Regent Access has helped clients materially increase aid to undocumented students. Our solution is in production in Washington state, Oregon, and Texas; and, we could have your state or institution up and running within 60 days of licensing.

"These students aspire to a better life and are doing what our society asks of them — they work hard, study hard and play by the rules. We need to encourage them to stay focused, hopeful and invested in their education."
Neal J. Smatresk, President, University of North Texas

"Our goal is to create a financial aid application process for undocumented students that is equivalent to that of the FAFSA experience, and Regent Access has gotten us extremely close. Regent Access was very easy to implement, the Regent implementation team was great to work with, and the students have been pleased with the automation of the TASFA.”
— Lacey Thompson, Director of Operations for Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, University of North Texas


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