Automating the State Financial Aid Application for Undocumented Students

Regent Access automates, streamlines, simplifies the state financial aid application process for undocumented students and financial aid administrators. By offering this robust online application, states and individual institutions can minimize the amount of time and resources required to process state financial aid applications for undocumented students, and these students will find themselves one step closer to attaining a higher education degree.

Online and automated

Streamlined State Financial Aid application for Undocumented Students

Regent Access converts the cumbersome and paper-based state financial aid application for undocumented students into a user-friendly online application, making the student experience closer to that of the FASFA.

Simplified and Streamlined

Electronic Applications and E-Signatures Simplify the Processes

Students can submit documents electronically from the comfort of their home and parents can take advantage of e-signature capabilities.

Integrated help

Tips and Assistance Where Needed

Regent Access presents help and tips when and where needed; integrating it into the appropriate sections of the application.

Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

Automatic Calculation of EFC

Financial aid administrators no longer need to manually calculate EFC as Regent Access does it automatically.

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Client Testimonials

These students aspire to a better life and are doing what our society asks of them — they work hard, study hard and play by the rules. We need to encourage them to stay focused, hopeful and invested in their education.

Neal J. Smatresk, President, University of North Texas

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