Educating Students on their Investment

Regent Plan provides students with the financial literacy education, and the information and insight needed for smart borrowing. Unlike any other solution, Regent Plan provides students and families with a complete picture, from the first day of class until graduation - and enables them to create a personalized financial plan.

Factor in All the Variables

Calculating Complete Eligibility for Better Decision Making

Regent Plan calculates Title IV aid eligibility, determines state grant, institutional aid, and factors in additional benefits like employee reimbursement to provide a complete eligibility perspective for optimal decision making.

Providing a Full Picture

Computing Investment for the Full Program

Regent Plan offers a complete financial picture, covering the full cost of the program from start to completion, and enabling students and families to create a personalized financial plan.

Net Price Calculator

Providing the Amount that a Student Pays to Attend an Institution

Regent Plan factors the student’s out-of-pocket financial commitment after subtracting scholarships and grants, as required in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.

Positive Student Experience

Truly Useful Planning Tool for Students and Families

With Regent Plan students can set up an easy to use profile, save their plan and modify it when considering program changes making it a powerful financial planning tool. Students also have the option to make results visible to institutions for more effective financial aid counseling.

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